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Programming languages used in most popular websites*
Websites Popularity

(unique visitors per month)[1]





Database Notes[2] 1,600,000,000 JavaScript C, C++, Go,[3] Java, Python BigTable,[4] MariaDB[5] The most used search engine in the world 1,100,000,000 JavaScript Hack, PHP (HHVM), Python, C++, Java, Erlang, D,[6] Xhp,[7] Haskell[8] MariaDB, MySQL,[9] HBase Cassandra[10] The most visited social networking site 1,100,000,000 JavaScript C, C++, Python, Java,[11] Go[12] Vitess, BigTable, MariaDB[5][13] The most visited video sharing site
Yahoo 750,000,000 JavaScript PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL[14] Yahoo is presently[when?] transitioning to Node.js[15] 500,000,000 JavaScript Java, C++, Perl[16] Oracle Database[17] Popular internet shopping site 475,000,000 JavaScript PHP, Hack MySQL[citation needed], MariaDB[18] MediaWiki” is programmed in PHP, runs on HHVM; free online encyclopedia 290,000,000 JavaScript C++, Java, Scala, Ruby[19] MySQL[20] 140 characters social network
Bing 285,000,000 JavaScript ASP.NET Microsoft SQL Server 285,000,000 JavaScript Java,[21] JavaScript,[22] Scala[23] Oracle Database Online auction house 280,000,000 JavaScript ASP.NET Microsoft SQL Server An email client, for simple use. Mostly known as “messenger”.
Microsoft 270,000,000 JavaScript ASP.NET Microsoft SQL Server Software company 260,000,000 JavaScript Java, JavaScript,[24] Scala Voldemort[25] World’s largest professional network
Pinterest 250,000,000 JavaScript Django (a Python framework),[26] Erlang MySQL, Redis [27] 240,000,000 JavaScript PHP, JavaScript [28] (Node.js) MariaDB, MySQL